prezzo della macchina per taglio laser in fibra sulla fiera del cantone 2018

prezzo della tagliatrice del laser della fibra

Brief Introduction

ACCURL Fiber laser cutting machine CNC Fiber laser metal cutting machine price e adopts the most sophisticated Germany IPG laser or Raycus Laser of China, combining Gantry CNC machine designed by our company and high strength welding body, after high temperature annealing and precision machining by large CNC milling machine. It has good rigidity and stability with precision ball screws, linear guide drive run.

ACCURL laser cutting machine adopts international advanced 500w /1000W/2000W/3000W power fiber laser from IPG, or Raycus from China, imported high-precision ball screw, linear guide way and other high efficient and high precise drive mechanism. The precise CNC fiber laser cutting machine integrates imported servo motor with advanced CNC system, is high new tech product with a collection made of laser cutting, precise machinery, CNC technology and other subjects. It is applied for cutting and shaping of carton steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate and other metal materials. With high speed, high precision, high efficiency, high cost performance and other features, it's the first choice in cutting machines for industrial metal processing.

Application Materials of fiber laser cutter

Mainly for cutting carbon steel, silicon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel sheet, pickling board, aluminum zinc plate, copper and many kinds of metal materials cutting and so on.

Applicable industries of fiber laser cut metal sheet

Jewelry,kitchen ware,chassis and cabinet,metal pipe,lamp&lanterns,metal ware,hardware,precision machinery,auto parts,elevator,nameplate,advertisement,electronics,toys and other industries.

Function Advantages of fiber laser cut metal sheet

1). Excellent quality of light beam
2). Highly cutting speed: the 2 times by co2 laser cutting machine under the same power.
3). Very high stability and Very high efficiency of photoelectric conversion
4). Very low using cost and Very low maintenance cost
5). Convenient product operation and maintenance
6). Very strong soft optical effects: compact volume and structure
7). Gantry double driving structure, high damping machine tool bed, good rigid,
8).This model adopts imported servo system driver and imported transmission system, the moving structure of machine tool adopts imported gear and rack transmission, linear guide track for guiding, ensuring the high speed,high precision and high reliability of equipment.
9). Rack and guide adopt fullly enclosed protective device, which prevents oil free friction movement and dust pollution, enhances using life of transmission parts and ensures the precision of machine tool movement.
10). Professional laser cutting machine, cnc control system, computer operation, can ensure the cutting quality, and more convenient for cutting work.
11). Automatic swiching table configuration, which shortens the standby time, and effectively enhances the working efficiency more than 30%.
12). Fully enclosed protective cover,using safety.

Techinical parameters

Tipo di laserImported Original Fiber Laser or Raycus
Lunghezza d'onda del laser1060nm
Potenza massima laser500W1000W2000W3000W
Max. Spessore di taglio≤8mm≤12mm≤16mm≤18mm
Consumo di energia totale<14KW<18KW<22KW<26kW
Dimensioni di lavoro1500X2500mm / 1500X3000mm / 2000X4000mm
Velocità di taglio max0-30m / min (a seconda del materiale e dello spessore)
Precisione dell'orientamento degli assi X, Y, Z.≤ ± 0,05 millimetri / m
Asse X, Y, Z Ripetere la precisione≤ ± 0,03 mm / m
Larghezza minima della linea≤0.15mm
Velocità di marcia a vuoto massima120m / min
Modo di guidaServomotore importato
Tranmission wayY-axis importe gear rack double driver,X-axis imported ball screw
Carico massimo del piano di lavoro1600 KGS
Sistema di raffreddamentoRaffreddamento ad acqua
Orario di lavoro continuo24 ore
Temperatura ambiente0-35 ° C
Requisiti di alimentazione380 V / 3 fasi / 50Hz o 60Hz
Requisiti di alimentazione Dimensioni esterne (L * W * H)4500x2000x1800mm

Cutting ability of laser cut metal sheet

Stainless Steel0-2mm0-3mm0-4mm0-5mm
Carbon Steel0-3mm0-6mm0-8mm0-10mm
Aluminium Alloy0-2mm0-3mm0-4mm
Fiber Power300W500W750W1000W
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