tagliatrice del metallo di cnc di alta qualità / macchina per il taglio al plasma cnc

macchina da taglio al plasma kjellberg


(1) Install easily
(2) Two cutting ways: flame or plasma available.
(3) Tidy cutting surfaces without burr, cutting speed can achieve to 6000mm/min.
(4) Double-side driving servo system, guarantees an excellent running performance.
(5) Optional dust proof work table or smoke removing device for a clean working environment.
(6) Optional plasma power for different materials cutting.
(7) German Neugart planetary reducer for transimission which is characterized of bigger toque, low gap and free maintenance.

Info Veloci

Condizioni: Nuovo
Numero di modello: macchina da taglio al plasma cnc/Kaliburn Kjellberg
Voltaggio: 380V 50Hz
Potenza nominale: 5,5 kW
Dimension(L*W*H): 3x8m
Weight: 1600kg
Certificazione: CE ISO
Garanzia: 1 anno
Servizio post-vendita fornito: ingegneri disponibili per la manutenzione di macchinari all'estero
Name: cnc plasma cutting machine/Kaliburn Kjellberg
Cutting mode: Plasma and Flame
Cutting thickness: plasma 0-55mm ; flame 6-200mm
Cutting speed: plasma 0-4000mm/min ; flame 0-750mm/min
Drive system: Panasonic AC servo motor
Control system: USA or China brand
Plasma power: USA or China brand
THC: USA or China brand
Nesting and programming: FastCAM

Main Parameters

No            item                       specificazione
1Horizontal track space(mm)4000450050005500600065007000
2effective cuttin width(mm)3200370042004700520057006200
3Overall width (mm)4800530058006300680073007800
4Cutting modeflame only,plasma only,flame and plasma
5Driving methodrack and pinion drive for X and Y axes
6Driving modesingle/double-side driving
7Flame cutting thickness6-200mm
8Plasma cutting thickness

0-55mm(depends on plasma power source)

9Velocità di taglio0-4000mm/min
10Empty stroke speed0-10000mm/min
11Automatic height


capacitive height control for flame cutting

arc voltage height control for plasma cutting

12Cutting gasacetylene,propane(optional)
13Plasma gaspressed air,oxygen,N2
14Marking tool (Optional)yes (Optional)
15Nesting softwar (optional)Integnps,Fast cam

Mechanical Accuracy

1. Installation accuracy of guide rail:

1) Straightness accuracy of main rail ±0.2mm/10m
2) levelness between two rails ±0.5mm/10m
3) Longitudinal levelness of main rail ±0.2mm/m; ±2mm/ overall length
4) Parallelism between two rails <±2mm/ rail space

2. Machine precision:

a. Longitudinal effective stroke >nominal size 20mm
b. Transverse effective stroke > nominal size 10mm
c. Linear positioning accuracy ±0.1mm/10m
(1000×1000mm Comprehensive graphics detection) GB deviation≤±0.3mm
d. Linear repeat accuracy ±0.4mm/10m
e. Torch stroke ≤170mm
f. Cutting speed ±5% of setting speed
g. Automatic lifting precision ±0.5mm

3. Comprehensive machine precision:

a. Length deviation(four sides) 0.3mm
b. Diagonal deviation 0.3mm
c. Back to the origin of the deviation 0.2mm
d. Diagonal straightness accuracy 0.3mm
e. Intersection deviation 0.3mm
f. Linear deviations 0.2mm
g. Entire machine positioner precision 0.1mm

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