fornitore professionale macchina per taglio laser in fibra di metallo dalla Cina

fornitori di macchine per taglio laser

Applicable Field

Widely used for metalsheet processing, advertising trademark, advertising character, high/low voltage electrical cabinet, mechanism parts, kitchenware, cars, mechanical, metal craftwork, saw blade,electronic parts, eyeglasses, spring, circuit board, kettle, medical microelectronics, hard ware, knives tool, measurement, instrument, etc.

Applicable Material

Stainless steel, carbon steel, alloy steel, spring steel, aluminum, aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, cincalumzalutite, pickling plate, copper, silver, gold, titanium and other metal sheet, pipes and tubes.


Area di lavoro1300mm*2600mm
Potenza laser300W/ 500W/1000W(option IPG)
Laser Wave Length1064nm
Working Tablesawtooth
Maximum Idle Running Speed80m / min
Position Accuracy±0.05mm/m
Position Speed20m / min
Larghezza minima della linea± 0.1mm
Spessore di taglio≤6mm
Sistema di controlloProfessional laser control system--BOCHU
Position Typered dot
Power Consumption≤12KW
Working VoltageAC 380V/50Hz
Auxiliary Gasoxygen,nitrogen,air



Info Veloci

Applicazione: taglio laser
Condizioni: Nuovo
Tipo di laser: Laser a fibra
Applicable Material: Acrylic, Glass, Leather, Metal
Cutting Thickness: ±0.05mm/m, ≤6mm
Cutting Area: 1300mm*2600mm
Cutting Speed: 20m/min
CNC o no: Sì
Modalità di raffreddamento: raffreddamento ad aria
Control Software:Professional laser control system--BOCHU
Graphic Format Supported:AI, BMP, DWG, DXF
Luogo di origine: Anhui, Cina (continente)
Marchio: ACCURL
Model Number:fiber cutting laser machine
Certification: CCC, GS, ISO, SGS
Servizio post-vendita fornito: ingegneri disponibili per la manutenzione di macchinari all'estero
Working Area: 1300mm*2600mm
Laser Power: 300W/ 500W/1000W(option IPG)
Laser Wave Length: 1064nm
Working Table: sawtooth
Running SpeedMaximum Idle Running Speed: 80m/min
Position Accuracy: ±0.05mm/m
Position Speed: 20m/min
Minimum Line Width: ± 0.1mm
Control System: Professional laser control system